Target free shipping Promo Code

Role of Coupons in Retail Chains

Coupon codes are considered an important part of retail chains round the globe because ‘gone are the days’ when only physical store fronts and quick accessibility factorswere considered important for a retail chain to be a success in the marketplace. Now virtual storefronts are considered equally important and are being used as a driving force to lure potential customers towards the relevant touch points. Target Promo Code is also part of this retail-chain-working model of Target Store.

Target Store – Brief

Target store is basically American retail chain which offers a diverse range of products to customers at discounted prices, it is considered as one of the highly prestigious retail chains in the world. Discount coupons are also an important and substantial part of Target’s online strategy, out of which Target Promo Code was one demonstration of this stratagem throughout the past year.

10 Ways Used To Offer Target Free Shipping Coupons In 2014

Let’s now have a look at the 10 ways in which Target free shipping Promo Code could has been used or could have been offered by this retail giant:

  1. In past year free shipping coupons were given on all store wide products intermittently. However, many of them were subject to standard terms and conditions. Target usually gives free shipping on products which are lighter and easier to carry or to ship.

  2. Target also offered quantity based free shipping coupon codes to customers during 2013 after having considered the minimum thresholds, compared to the free shipping on all products. In fact most of the time Target used this gimmick to drive more volume of sales through its free shipping coupons

  3. Another tact which was used through promo code was about ‘free shipping on selected items only’ this was basically meant for increasing sales on selected items or product categories only, as people who do not think about spending on certain items, start to consider them if discount is being offered or free shipping is being given. However, margin is also considered before giving free shipping on certain items.

  4. Target also offered free shipping to certain locations only as many sellers offer free shipping only to those buyers who reside in populous locale or in proximity of that.

  5. Membership program is another very lucrative gimmick being used by target quite often. target online promo code was available throughout the year for registered members

  6. Free shipping coupons were also being offered in the name of loyalty programs so that repeat purchases could be ensured and promoted. Target was not lagging behind in this approach as well

Bottom Line

Above are mentioned few of the ways in which Target Promo Code was used; but one should bear in mind, while being in the retail business or strategizing for that, it is not at all easy to offer free shipping to customers rather there are many factors and dimensions which have to be taken in to consideration before the issuance of such free shipping coupons.

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