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St Patrick’s Day Recipes with Coupon Codes for Target

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with family and friends with party punches and festive treats and sweets Irish style. Use Coupon codes for Target to buy ingredients and cookware, serving ware and other accessories.

Save on All Categories with Coupon Codes for Target

With Target promo codes, you can save money instantly on your purchase and the coupons are available for all the categories in Grocery and Essentials. You can also use Target coupons to buy some ready to eat items such as breakfast cereals, lunch favorites, snacks, dinner, dessert and drinks. Target recipes section lists some easy to cook recipes with some creative twist to make your St Patrick’s Day tangy and tasty. You can browse through Target Recipes based on ingredients, brands, seasons, cuisine type or meal types. I have also listed here some easy recipes for St Patrick’s Day.

Prepare St Patrick’s Day Party Punch using Target Promo Code

This sweet and sour tasting party punch involves lemonade, liqueur and white wine. You can buy them at target online or in-store with coupon codes for Target.


1 bottle of Pinot Grigio white wine

200 ml lemonade

Quarter cup Germain Liqueur

Tonic or seltzer water


Rosemary sprigs

Lemon slices

Directions to prepare:

Combine lemonade, white wine and liqueur in a pitcher. Pour the mixture over ice cubes and top with sparkling water. Add some tonic for a sweet taste. Serve them in punch glasses and garnish them with Rosemary sprigs and lemon slices.

St Patrick’s Day Crispy Snacks

Here is an easy recipe of St Patrick’s Day crispy snack, which can be prepared in half an hour’s time. Use coupons for Target to buy ingredients for this tasty treat.


3 cups Rice Krispies

Quarter cup Margarine

½ tspn Vanilla extract

Green food coloring

1 pkt mini marshmallows

Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil


Take a non-stick baking pan and grease it with butter. Place a large pot on low heat and melt margarine. Add marshmallows in the pot and stir them continuously till they melt. Turn off the heat and add food color and vanilla extract and stir it until smooth. Quickly add Rice Krispies into the smooth, melted marshmallows.  Stir the Rice Krispies carefully till they are coated with the mixture. Transfer them to the greased baking pan and spread them evenly with buttered spatula. Press them gently and keep it aside to cool down. Once the mixture is cool down, cut them into the shape of shamrock with shamrock cookie cutter and top each shamrock with gold chocolate coin. Serve them with drink. Buy shamrock cookie cutter at Target with Target promotion code 2014.

St Paddy’s Day Target Recipes

Target Recipes has also listed some mouthwatering recipes for St Paddy’s Day. Some of them are Pot O’ Gold deviled eggs, sweet and savory gelato, mini green bean casseroles, fry-tata, loaded baked potato mac and many more. These tasty and easy to prepare recipes take 30 to 35 minutes including prep time and cook time.

Now purchase necessary ingredients at Target with coupon codes for Target to try out your favorite recipes at home.