Gear Up Your Game Room with Target Promo Codes June 2014

Turning the extra space in your basement into a men’s den or a trendy game room, as popularly known, is a fabulous thought. The need for some really cool gaming equipment to blend with room tops your list. Browse through the coolest range of game room equipments featured at target with amazing discount with Target promo codes June 2014.

Sleek Foosball Tables

GLD Maverick Fooseball Table - Brown/Black

Football happens to be a favorite sport among youngsters. A foosball table would compliment your new game room. The GLD Maverick Foosball Table Brown/ Black is an awesome addition for the recreation of your friends. This game table’s automatic ball/puck return and manual scoring make it a very interesting purchase. This durable game table is built with wood and hardy plastic. Use Target promo codes June 2014 to get discount on original price of $689.99. If short on space, the Franklin Sports Foosball Table 48” is the right choice to buy. This game table with its lightweight player rods including comfy hand grips and fast-paced action will never leave a single dull moment in the game room. Again it is affordable with Target promotion code 2014.

Shoot Hoops in Style with Target Promo Codes June 2014

Franklin Mini-Hoop  Electronic Basketball Set

Games like basketball and shooting hoops can get the adrenaline pumping. The Door-Mounted Franklin Mini-Hoop Electronic Basketball Set should be a great gaming accessory to own. It is available at sale price of $28.49 and Target promo codes June 2014 can get you additional discount. This basketball set is very functional with its electronic scoreboard made of durable polycarbonate and the steel spring rim. The game’s cool sound effects add more fun playing indoors. The younger lot need not worry. The Huffy Dual Electronic Basketball Game is a great way to unwind at the comfort of your home. You can buy this game at a reasonable price with Target discount codes 2014. This game with its cool digital scoreboard is will be a hit hands down for your kid or when he/she has friends over.

Indoor Vegas Games

Trademark Global Jumbo Slot Machine Bank

Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for poker or casino games aficionados. Wish to bring a little Vegas to your game room with a small investment? Buy the Trademark Global Jumbo Slot Machine Bank with Target promo codes June 2014. It would be a classy rendition of a Vegas casino in your indoor game room. This slot machine with chrome trimming and flashing jackpot light is quite close to owing the real thing. It’s manual and jackpot coin returns make it an interesting purchase. For Poker Lovers, the Folding Poker Table-Black with green featured at budget price with Target promotion code 2014 would be an ideal addition to a game room. The decision to buy this folding poker table with hardwood surface and water-resistant cushioned rail can never go wrong. Host a poker tournament at home using the Fat Cat 500 Bling Poker Chip set.

Game rooms are supposed to be fun and relaxing. Cool gaming equipment adds the needed frolic. For all your gaming needs buy from the collection at Target and save money with Target promo codes June 2014.

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