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Fitness tracker and activity tracker are high tech gadgets to collect data about your body and activity. You can save up To 60% OFF Clearance Items at Target plus get even more discounts with Target promo code 2014, while buying fitness trackers and devices. Fitness tracker keep track of your body such as heart rate and activity tracker keep track of activities such as calories burned, number of steps taken, miles covered or stairs climbed, sleep etc.

Some fitness trackers have some special features such as GPS. GPS activated fitness trackers are helpful during activities such as biking, running etc. Some of the trackers are water resistant. You can shower without removing them. However, you cannot swim wearing those trackers. Swimming watches that count strokes, laps and count and calculate speed and distance are totally waterproof. You can browse through a number of fitness trackers and devices online at the largest departmental store Target and select a device as per your requirement and save up To 60% OFF Clearance Items at Target ( save even more with our Target promo code 2014). At present, there are GPS powered sports watches and heart rate monitors are available at temp price cut rates.

sports watch GPS

Nike + sports watch GPS powered by Tom Tom

Nike + sports watch is GPS activated by Tom Tom and it tracks your workout time pace and distance. It also displays the number of calories burned. This battery operated sports watch equipped with mapping software and ideal for sports activities such as hiking, biking and gym workouts. The display screen is 0.9” touch screen with backlit display. You can take advantage of ongoing up To 60% OFF Clearance Items at Target to buy this fitness tracker. And also utilize Target promo code 2014 for more savings.

Polar male FT7 heart rate monitor

FT7 heart rate monitor

Polar male FT7 heart rate monitor is available at the temp price cut of $99.99 and it qualifies for free shipping. This device is useful for kickboxing, fitness training, and general fitness purposes. It has a number of alarms such as high and low limit alarm, target zone alarm and daily alarm. With PC downloading capacity you can store records and files and review history. It displays heart rate, calories burned, continuous heart rate and daily workout memory.  Water resistant and battery operated heart rate monitor provides accurate calorie count using your personal data. Buy this useful heart rate monitor and save up To 60% OFF Clearance Items at Target with Target promo code 2014.

There are many more products available under sports and outdoor category available for up To 60% OFF Clearance Items at Target. You can browse through them to find your preferred products.

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